Beans & Peppers

A product of immigrants chasing the American Dream

Country full of racism and hate, it’s not all glamour and gleam

Witnessed dad beating on mom, can still hear her cry and scream

Mom was ready to move out with the kids

Dad didn’t have it, he preceded with the hits


He decided to move the whole the family to another state

Starting all over in a strange land was not exactly great

Unemployed mom became financially dependent on dad, what a sick fate

A two-bedroom complex for our family of seven

I’m a 21-year-old college student, this isn’t exactly heaven


The beatings have stopped but the damage has been done

A full time student with two-part time jobs, I’ve forgotten the definition of fun

Gotta finish this Computer Programming project before I go to work tonight

They ask me if I want to close, won’t get out till 2am but I need the money so I say Alright

Come home to an empty fridge; go to bed hungry hug my pillow tight

Makes me wanna jump off a bridge; just let go and take flight

But then I remember my mom’s beautiful face; I gotta continue the fight


Finally have a Saturday off, I’m trying to get high

Nah, I rather just spend it with my mom under the blue sky

Mom has no friends in Utah, spends all day every day at home

Cooking, cleaning, picking up the kids; she looks like a work drone

Food stamps don’t come till the Fifth

Mom still finds a way, this ain’t no myth

Hot bowl of beans, simple yet delicious

Munching on hot peppers, so nutritious

May not seem like a lot but I look forward to these days

Physically and mentally tired from getting that education and paper chase

Spend the whole day with the family, Dad’s gone with his friends

Dad still doesn’t talk to mom, he sticks to his old trends


Tomorrow is never promised, what if today was your mom’s last day?

Would you be at peace? Or would you cry, beg and pray?

That is why every second I spend with my fam I appreciate it

Spending my days off with them, rejuvenates me I don’t need to get turnt nor lit

This poem is about: 
My family


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