Be yourself, Not an image of society.


You are who you are.

Don't let society take this too far!

You're not fat, just because you can see a models ribs, you're more than that.

You're not ugly, just because a overrated, make-up indulged girl so smugly said you were.

Your thighs don't need to touch, that's losing too much.

Look at yourself in the mirror, you're beautiful, wipe those tears away it'll become much clearer.

Society is the ugly one.

Look at all it's done! 

Men and Women constantly changing who they are, just because a cover of a magazine told them too.

Society is Turing this world into an untamed, ideological zoo!

Don't be cynical, being perfect isn't even biblical!

Don't try to be perfect, in an imperfect world.

Look at all these people who've hurled, just to get skinnier.

Look at all these people who've destroyed themselves, just to be prettier.

Be yourself, be the best YOU that you can be.

Then you'll see, that true beauty lies beneath the surface.

It's that, that will give you purpose.

Don't let society win, take a stand, lets make their unreasonable reign end!


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