Be Strong


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All my life I never had,
a school year that went so bad.
It should have been the best of all
But I hurt my knee playing basketball.

A hospital stay
took me further behind,
Could I pull up my grades
Will I get back in time?

Advanced in all classes,
extra classes for credit,
I planned on recieving
outstanding merit.

But now it seems
A lot on my plate
I’m working so hard
Just to graduate.

Can’t give up my dreams
This is only a test
It’s time to be strong
And put weakness to rest.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is an aspiring poem

we all go through obstacles and hardships

it's about resilience and heart in overcoming it all

never panic, stay in control of your life, and always believe in yourself

as long as you don't give, up, you'll never lose

keep writing


way to be uplifting! if you keep believing nothing can ever stop you 


I love your poem :)

Great Job!

Jan Wienen

The Gift of Perserverance is beautiful to observe ...

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