Be A Real World Hero

My mind goes crazy at the thought that someone gets to decide what is legal

Put ourselves on a high horse, behaving so regal

Step back, create morals, decide right and wrong

Condemn everything and everyone who doesn’t go along

A government with secrets that no commoner can know,

But we’re the ones living by their rules, expected to go with the flow

If you’re under 18, don’t you dare speak up

And if you’re not a straight, male, white, Christian, they’ve had enough

So step back all of you minorities, while the upper class pretends to help

Who know to get rid of you was the idea under their belt

Well in my mind it’s time to change, and education is the basis for life

So stand up next to me, and fight for the right.

I’m a seventeen year old girl, deemed ignorant by many

But it’s their ignorance that astounds me as they plot against me

I will run until I can’t, until all the citizens hear

That it’s time for change, and that change is near.

So stop blaming the president, your neighbor, the dog

Start being accountable for yourself, start clearing the fog.

Because while our government may be faulty, and our government less stable

That just puts you in a place where a change is welcome, and able

Talking is one thing, and writing is too

But standing up and fighting will show us the truth.

Acceptance is key here, even though we’ve gone blind

But a step back could reveal what we all need to find.

Love one another, regardless of beliefs

Because believe me when I say, everyone has different forms of grief.

If a law makes sense only to an elite,

Then it is time to be changed if we want to succeed.

Speak up whether you are young or old

Because it is time to change what the ones in charge are being told.

Together we stand, and together we fall.

But together we must find acceptance, if we hope to exist at all.


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