Be Real

He had big dreams and aspired for greatness,
yet he fell short of his prime,
watching every letter
of every word
of every stanza
fall off the looseleaf's lines,
his life was falling apart –
this music of his kind,
it represented his temperment
but the stories within the lines told lies,
these are just one of the things
that run rampant in the jungle of his mind
Success isn't essential it's a requirement,
think pessimistic but I'm confident,
I walk slow so I can absorb my environment,
yeah on the other side the grass is greener,
but no one said you were a part of it.
Find me in the clouds, up above,
the call me heaven sent,
not a guardian angel but I'll protect you to my very best.
I just want to be successful and I could care less about anyone else.
Recurring dreams of my past,
they feel like an eternity but only an hour passed,
turn back the sands of time,
I wouldn't have even given her a glance.
She broke my heart 3 times
and to her,
I'll never speak again.
And with the sorrow,
she can weep again
I could give a FUCK about your feelings,
we could NEVER be friends
with conviction,
I nearly drowned in the deep end...
But it's happened
I can't fix it now
You're the best actor I know
just take a bow.
Airplanes aren't shooting stars,
there's no need to pretend.
The damn radio overplayed it,
the hype brought it to its end.
Even in your moment of hopelessness,
I'll be your only friend.
This has been one hell of a roller coaster ride
give me your hand
squeeze tight,
I'm with you till the very end.
You envy me because I'm stronghearted and strongminded,
ask my colleagues,
we're all different but one in the same,
and they don't mind it.
Locked up in my room,
In my lyrical confinement,
Ran out of patience for the game
Calling in early retirement
Still with my dignity to retire with
A lot of dudes in the game
Try to make a name
Trying to be different
When they’re all the same
I’m not saying I’m better
I’m just sayin’ I’m smarter than the rest
And now my mind grows tired
In need of some rest
I matured through my lyrics
Making me the best poet
Leaving these instrumentals blessed
And I didn’t let it go to my head
Every real friend I’ve kept.
And with a message to one
I don’t hope;
I know that you’ll miss me now that I’ve left
Done with your childish games
And your overdramatic ways
You resemble Medusa
I can see you now
Dwelling in your misery,
The snakes hiss as the locks of your hair part ways
I don’t hold grudges
Just wait for God to conduct his judgment
Not the perfect soul
But I’d never trade peace for gold
Or rocks for bread
Same metaphor
Just a change in what’s said
And what’s said..
I’ll let you figure it out for yourself…



Good flow the site is thinking of adding videos to the page and if it does i recommend you post one of this piece. I can feel its flow but poetry like this needs to be heard. As to whats said keep your chin up and priorities straight as you move forward with your life and seems like you got that covered.


I really liked this piece, and I would definitely have to say my favorite lines was: "watching every letter of every word of every stanza fall off the looseleaf's lines..."


I agree, very powerful imagery.


This is amazing. I completely agree with lizardoa21. This poem needs to be heard. I could feel the emotion in this and I would love to hear it out loud.


Wow! Really great poem. Flow was excellent, Clever lines, rock solid ideas, and passion. A beautiful poem


Airplane stanza. It's a very intricate thought. Keep writing. Your stuff is worth reading.


Wow! This is an amazing poem, I love how you phrased every line perfectly...

Its beautiful


The part about the lines falling off the page... it's absolutely a real feeling.

Like it's too hard to keep them glued down so they don't fly away.

You have put it into little buttlerflies of words. Stunning.

And airplanes and gold and rocks are metaphors full of detail, and everything else is beautiful.


That was deep. Beautifully written. 

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