be original


i despise when people steal beats and not pay homage to those that made it possible

i hate it when people rob verses in poetry and take credit

for something they never wrote

it's disgusting how people take just enough words and lyrics to fool people

and make it appear original

but in all honesty

their style is all fabrication the same way manny ramirez juice up testosterone 

and told the world he didn't knew it was steroids

poets pave the way so i can write

pay homage so i can perform and inspire lives

i thank you fellow poets/friends for reminding me 

the importance of giving that respect

you see

people lack originality

for example

hip-hop is born in the bronx


we bite off the latest trend

nas once said

hip hop is dead

people recreating a story that sounds like they originate it

but in essence

they duplicate disgracefully like lance armstrong's doping scandal

they stripped away his titles

you get caught stealing poetry

you get stripped of your words

never show your face again 

people will remember you as a stealer

so bad that even drug dealers will kill you on general principle

lessons are made to learn

this is for everybody (including myself)

be original

pay your respects to those that made it possible to aspire lives

i know i'm been gifted

as a poet, i'm most valuable

that's why i am MVP

everyday, i tell myself i am the Most Valuable Poet

as great as i am

i have alot to learn

i thank my dear friends (fellow poets-they both know who they are) 

for not only believing in me

but reminded me to

stay original because my talents will take me far

that's very humbling

i give my respects to those that pave their way so i can exist

i strongly suggest you do the same




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