Be My Selene

Be my Selene, be my moon goddess

Let me cast you into the constellations

Let me singe your lips with ozone and smoke

Beat you to life with numb, stumbling fingers

Callisto cries pure fire, reaching blindly for her son who can't touch the ocean

Her tears sting down my throat as we sail through the eternal watermark 

Past the stilted lovers yearning across the river of the Milky Way

Past Andromeda and Perseus

Whose affections unfold foreign and old into our ears

Lying on the balcony, you can hear Ursa Major sing

Feel the pull of Castor and Pollux

Touch Venus' love in the feathered eyes of dawn

Watch Sirius wink brighter than all the others

We learned volumes from the universe, her language sitting heavy on our tongues,

Brought forth from dirty gold lockets and whispered legends

Dusty books in the darkened corners of the library

Their spirits stir in our souls, we are the gods themselves

We are the arrogance of Jupiter, the jealousy of Juno,

The steadfast flight of Mercury

The shame of Cassiopeia

We thrum with stardust out on that balcony

Bits of comet and liquid sunshine

Breathing in the salt of our ocean eyes

We orbit eachother into the mysteries of morning and

All at once, we fall for our kindred light 


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