To be known.


He sat in the best seats

And everyone adored him.

The instructors recognized his glory,

And I sat behind him.


I wanted them to know me too

To see my potential

Just for a moment look at me with a spark in their eyes

Not just one but man maybe even hundreds

Can I just have a second of glory?


I will make my move through academics

Then from the mountains of books and rigorous study sessions,

I will get in sports and be fit

I will climb to my best physique

I won’t let others bring me down mentally or physically for another second

And I will be more than prepared when they do


I am tired of being questioned and pointed as the dumbest in my classes.

If only they knew that outside of class, I was a speech medalist

If only they knew that I am a multi subject academic medalist too

If only they knew I had a job out of class as well

Then maybe they would’ve taken notice of me better.


I have taken my stand for social justices in the city parts only to be partially recognized

Because I turned my projects into group projects.

I know that standing alone I would be powerless,

The stand I made got my name in the news papers

But only as a partial contributor.

If only everyone knew that it was my idea,

If only people knew that I have a bright mind coming from a family of drop outs

It’s hard being a 3rd generations American with a Traditional Family

It’s hard to make your father proud when he only wants a tool for work not a scholarly prodigy

It’s even harder when I did it all on my own.


It’s a tough road that I know won't be given any prizes freely

I may not be like Alexander the Great who sat in front of me but I am just as great in my own way.

I may be an underdog now but in time I will own the show. 


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