Be Honest

"Be honest," they said, so honest I was.

Honest as nobody ever was.

Blunt as the barrier between water and oil,

I told them the truth without recoil.


The truth of our cohorts, sad but true

is mad up of a falsehoods and a decietful view.

All we know of each other is what was online

and what was online, was whatever they were inclined


To let people see and let people know.

Nothing except a mere show.

Showing their new boobs or a luxurious new car,

Relative deprivation had never stretched so far.


Across the world, we hear sighs saying,

"I wish I was like her".

And with only virtual friends,

no one could concur

Or convince each other 

they're worth more than their looks


Because, sadly, they were all convinced too.

That they were ugly and fat

and every other girl on earth was better than that.

Their thoughts need a review.


"Be honest," they said, so honest I was.

Honest because nobody ever was.



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