To Be Heard

Inspired By Langston Hughes's poem "Theme for English B"
The instructor said
Go home and write
A page tonight
And let that page come out of you
Then it will be true
Can the truth be revealed in a page or two?
Is it something that plausible, or easy to do?
I just turned 18, and lifes gotten tougher
Its not pulling and punches and offering no buffer
It all came so fast, this 18th year
School in the past, my childhood reared
College is next, and I don't know what to be
My mind goes through changes and grows in its incredulity
I know what I want, but not where I want to be
It a lawyer, a counselor or a career in criminology
U feel like I'm thinking too far ahead
So my main focus is on my dream college instead
I'd be wrecked if I couldn't make it to LSU
If I failed to get in, if it was over and blue
Everything I've done would feel like a waste
An irremovable burden, crushing weight
Its alot of stress to take at 18
grades, Sat/Act, and the rest that I've seen
too many concerns when you hit this age
like how to pay for college without a wage
at first I was happy, to finally be legal
til I learned the cost and then felt feeble
no more jokes, and no more jests
the weight is on and its all a test
Is it even possible to mix work and fun?
To spend your days in darkness under the sun?
Will I even Succeed?
Or make a place for me?
Or will I teaste failure as a hobo on the street?
Change is terrifying, and my family is temporary
God chose my path and its lonely and scary
Helps not an option I'm really alone
in the light of day truly on my own
Can I push toward greatness and fill a dream?
Or will life push harder to break me at my beams?
These questions are pointless, and a mental cancer
I'll just go with the flow and hope my questions answered
This is my page for English 4




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