Be Free of Me

I saw you in a mirror today

But it wasn’t your face I saw

It was mine.


I saw your hardened eyes

The way your mouth tipped into cruelty

The look on your face when you stripped me of pride


I saw the look of disappointment

The wrinkles in your forehead

Your eyebrows furrowed in disgust


I hadn’t imagined you there

You were always a part of me

I only wished you could see the good in me


I live my life in fear of what I could be,

Never what I want to see,

Always as it should be.


I was too afraid to raise my head.

I didn't want to look you in the eye

And see mine looking back at me.


Every day I told myself I would never be like you

I was afraid of the monster

But now I realize the monster was inside me

I just used you as an excuse to release it for the world to see.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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