Be the Flame

With each heavy breath, the world slows down around me

With each number added to the board, the fire inside burns higher

With every footstep, my legs turn into wheels on a downward slope

When the ball reaches my finger tips, every decision is mine to make.


Suddenly, I am no longer indecisive.

I can conquer the enemy.

I will not be held back.

I will break through.

I will see the space and run into it.

I will show him that I can do it.


In these moments, I know who it is I am meant to be.

I will cherish the power, but I will not abuse the gift.

In these moments, I am given this day,

to fuel the fire instead of pushing it away.


They say to follow your dreams,

that is what I am here for.

I will not let my wheels stop,

I will grasp both crutches and I will make to the top!


The healing will advance, and the fire will still burn.

Just remember that each and every one of us gets a turn.

It is up to you to acknowledge the flame,

I hope it helps you when, in 2020, you see my name.



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