Be the Change

The world is so cold we say

but it doesn't have to be

We say that the skies are gray

but isn't it you who chose them that way?

See we have two options in this life:

to live, to die

to whither, to fly

to let be dragged down


inevitably rise up off the ground

Dust yourself off from the pain

Rise up and be invincible

Conquer the world, conquer your fears

wipe off tears

of sadness, and welcome tears of joy.

We all struggle, yes, but don't succumb to it

Our fights in this life look different, yes

but we can get through them, whatever they be.

What we plenty of times fail to see 

is that we are not alone in this

and we don't have to be. 

There's plenty of sadness, plenty of sorrow, plenty of agony

Be the difference one person sees.

Be the hope

Be the faith

Be the love 

that they need. 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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