To make a difference

We have to stop waiting for others to change.

Be the change.

Look at making a change yourself where it counts,

And be the change.

Make a pledge to be the best

Try and rise above the rest,

Be a reason to succeed

Not just a reason to exist,

Be the reason why someone else would want to change.

Be the  change.

Be the brightest light that shines through the darkness,

And the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Be the change.

Be the smile on somebody's face

And the reason for them to say, you know what you just made my day.

Be  the change.

Stop waitig on someone else to make a move

Be the star that shines the brightest in the night.

That you might help somebody to see thier way to the light.

Be the change.

Look at making the change yourself where it counts.

And  be the change.


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