To Be The Change


The difference in you using your voice

Can mean the choice of leading a revolution 

Or watching underdogs silenced

Now which would you chose?

During many points in my story

Where I thought I was dead.

My voice gave me life,

As did others: 

And out all the words, phrases and languages my friend told me,

"If I have to get who loves you to stand outside your window and yell louder than you mother, I will."

Now every time I bleed,

I bleed those words 

So I clot better than before.

I'm not the only one with broken wings,

Not the only one who needs love in this world so they can heal

And all the ink I put on paper,

This is for them.

Because everyone needs an angel

Everyone needs some saving,

To breathe easy at night while their feathers grow again;

That's why I'm here.

To be the four bed post corners where you stop bleeding

And I will write books in the form of hands if that's what you need to hold you at night,

Mesh my words into teddy bears who can guard you till morning light

Because every kid deserves a right to their life

And I wanna give it to them.

I wanna take them to Neverland,

Wrap them up in their own dreams so they're safer than Fort Knocks.

I am your cape wearing super hero,

And I'm gonna be there for you.

To nurture a generation into believing in themselves 

So every person can die at the last words of "my life was good"

So their kids and their kid's kids can look anyone in the eyes and tell them "I am happy"

Without lying.

My voice will ring out,

And it will talk kids down from rooftops,

Untie the nooses into bowties,

And build the foundation that I had;

Because everyone has to start somewhere,

And a revolution begins with one,

So this is our time to raise up

Can I get a hell yea?!

Without our voices

We are nothing.

We are 




This poem was... splendid! I can think of no words to describe how much I fell in love with it. Your metaphores were phenominal. Beautiful. Perfect. Amazing. I can't get over how much emotion I felt from you through the video, though. My God this is great. You keep going! You let your voice ring!


omg.! i loved this. wow your good . no your great and amazing.!!!


Your passion was so wonderful and it touched my soul with your stylistic choice of words and sentence flow.  The poem was quite touching and showed your wonderful reason of why you write.  You answered the theme with such passion and such artistry.  When I scroll through this website, not to be pompous or condescending, I sometimes read over works that are just word flow.  Nothing of actual literary merit or value because it's one thing to make pretty words, it's an entirely different thing to give them meaning and depth, which is done through literary techniques such as metaphors, imagery, etc, which you have displayed in such a wonderful manner in this poem.  You have true talent, true artistry, and I sure hope you win the scholarship for this poetry slam because, even through my narcissistic way, I believe that you truly deserve it more than anyone.  I hope to read more of your work sometime, because this brought me to tears and touched my heart.


This poem will save lives. I can tell. This is incredible. It should be added to every anit bullying campaign in the country because it speaks out to the victims. You are an incredible poet. 


This poem is beautiful. I'm going to share it with my friends and teachers.

I agree this poem should be added to an anti-bullying and anti-racism cause.

This line really stood out to me because it was such a powerful image.

'And it will talk kids down from rooftops,

Untie the nooses into bowties'

Keep writing you are an inspiring poet. Also keep recording your work!

Imani Sophia



I actually got chills. This is an amazing poem, don't stop writing.


I loved it. You should check out some of my poems, too. 


Wow. Amazing. 


Dude. Do you realize your potential? This is great. You're great. And with a determined, humble mind, so is your future.




Voice. Voice is our saviour;

Forced silence will be the death of us.

Few know they have it in them.

Some know but keep it hidden.

Some know but use it to do wrong.

You have brought it to its peak,

And put a bit more light into the world.

This is a beautiful, rare gem.

Darlene Gray

Just wow the hope and determination radiates from you.

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