Be Beautiful. (In memory of Marie Bailey)

Grandma Re

You be Beautiful

Like births, like breaths, like time, like life itself.

Like we cherish the name Marie because bringing harmony to eardrums resembles your favorite song that always said “I know without a doubt, god will bring me out, because what god has for me, is for me.”

Like hearts beating as one, like let’s spend the rest of breathing existence with one another until hairs turn gray. I can kiss you until hairs turn gray; love you beyond gods golden gate. His name be Lenard, yours grandma Re. A love story that’s never ending..

Be Beautiful.

Like angel wings spreading for the first time, like lets learn to fly together, live life with many halos . One hanging over first born Cleotis, other being Antoine, lets glow together. Because, though you are beautiful…

You be Angel.

A walking beautiful creation from above, you were missing. God had been missing one of his favorites, wanting to be reunited he labeled you one of his lost angels.

Cherishing moments in time before you were found, I loved your smile; I loved lying next to you, eating Chinese food.

Before you were found, I loved sitting next to you, laughing with you, being called beautiful from someone who I admired with beauty. Before you were found, I loved ringing the doorbell to your home that smelled of your cooking, watching granddaddy play with his dogs, you letting my brothers feed the dogs, while you sometimes kept yourself distant from them.

Before you were found, I loved hearing stories of your childhood; hearing stories of your sons childhood, watching TV near photographic memories, being called your baby, being called your favorite, being your favorite baby that you didn’t mind spoiling.

Now found, you be a beautiful angel whose wings have spread, whose love story never ends, whose eyes resemble wisdom, you are now reunited with son and husband because what god has for you, is only for you.

Be his now beautiful found angel.


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