To Be An Artist

To be an artist is to create

something that expresses

abstract emotions and to translate

them into the language of the senses.


A painter, with a blank canvas, can create

a scene of a beautiful sunrise.

With nothing but some brushes and paint

they’ve made something that appeals to the eyes.


An actor can turn an empty stage

into anything the mind can imagine,

creating a scene that leaves the audience engaged

and telling stories of love and compassion.


A musician, through a wide range of notes

creates a song that sings straight to the heart

allowing our minds to wander and float.

An emotion in the form of art.


A writer, with merely paper and pen,

can create places and unique characters

that keep us reading, again and again

to see their life unfold on paper.


These are things that inspire me 

to achieve and make things that are great

because an artist, you see,

is someone with the heart to create.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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