She crept quietly in the darkness

willing her steps to be silent

She arrinved to that old, fmailiar spot and patiently waitede

suddenly, and with a quicknes, he appeared

she knew not from where he came 

nor where he returned


All she knew was that when the were together

he taught her the many mysteries of life

he taught her how to be

how to exist and be present


He never used words in our understanding of the\

rather when they gazed into eachother's eyes

they saw the other's soul

and in those moment

he taught her everything she would ever need to know


When time came for him to depart, he left quickly and 

without a sound

by some sort of sixth sense she knew this would not the 

final time they would meet

so she departed from their spot and awaited is call


This poem is about: 
Our world


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