To Be

“free” and “brave”

That is America.

We have the freedom and the bravery to:

Treat people with disrespect,

Discriminate based on the color of skin

or the preferred gender of a person,

Watch countless people get away with






Raise our children in a society that idolizes

unhealthy body image



Tell our boys that it is okay to

make decisions for girls and their bodies

force girls to have sex

undermine women

in ways that they do not even understand

Tell our girls that it is okay to

manipulate boys

pick each other apart

as if everyone should look like barbie

Instead of making everyone feel so terrible

Maybe we should work up the bravery to

praise each other

be kind

use our freedom in a way other than advocating for decreased gun control

figure out what it truly means

To be brave

This poem is about: 
My country


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