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United States
33° 28' 31.7712" N, 112° 23' 32.7516" W

Plush, Red, Pulse
Thick, Smooth, Blood
To the constant beat
Somewhat sterile swords stab
Through your gates
Injecting foreign troops
Taliban, the Ku Klux Klan, thousands of evil men

But crystals feel so good
And diamonds are so shiny
And glass is so smooth
And they all fit so good in your arm
They're just soldiers
But that's the lie you tell yourself
They're shape shifters
Taking refuge
Changing, twisting, contorting
'Cause see when you think your shooting up soldiers
Making you stronger
Your shooting up leeches
Blood thirsty for more
Rough, broken, sucking the life out of you
Reflections lie to you like paranoia in your head
"Don't lean there.
"Can't look right
"And what the hell's that tree looking at?"

We've got war's in the Middle East
But there's enough issue's on our streets
There's battle going on
Where weapons of mass destruction
Are handed out with no deflection

But make no mistake we are in a war
Each time you pull the kit
Sending reinforcements
Pulse, pound, pulse
Thumb ready fire...
Pulse, Pound, Pulse...Pulse


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