The Battle Against the Beast

Begins as most days 

the population of kids swarming to their classrooms, 


As class begins, so does that feeling that urges through your body

the warm bodies, the loud sounds, the attempt to remember whatever is on the board 

you know what's coming but you hope it goes away before it...


the Beast 

it begins to entrap you until every breath is gone

surrounded by a room full of peers, though no one can hear your silent cry

never do you feel 

so alone

so helpless

than you do in this moment

it seems like it will never end 

it seems like it is your end

sweaty palms, gasps for air, heart pumping through your chest

hoping nobody notices, you try to find an excuse to leave
you escape the stares that sting
you rush to the nurses office claiming your out of breath, 
only to figure out
it's all in your head
of course it always has been, it's what they tell you, everytime
But you just can't help the feeling
Until your in a loved one's embrace
safe and secured the beast begins to faint 
the reassuring words, the understanding, the "hey it's okay, im here for you"
its the only way to slay the wretched beast
the moment of complete tranquility, 
Until the beast strikes again
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