The Bastion Band

I went to take a sip from the red cup handed to me, to be stopped by a sensibly manicured hand. Looking up, I was drowning in the ocean eyes of one of the women known to be a part of the “Bastion Band.” She took the cup from me and dipped her finger in it’s contents, producing a finger which nail slowly changed color, Still holding the cup, she walked over to the one who gave it to me and poured it on him, standing fierce like a mother. Her glare was one to fear and her scowl sent him cowering into a corner like a scorned child, And once she was done spewing her lecture at him, she linked arms with me and smiled.She was the oldest of her band, known to protect the freshman in all of the parties on campus, A trio of intimidating and leading women who kept sins from running rampant. Walking with me was Athena, her dawn mane flowing around her shoulders with a glow,Sashaying with the confidence of a literal goddess, she brought me to the rest of her trio, Hecate with her pixie cut and fishnets and Artemis with shorts and black crop top, Both studying the latest textbook from the local shop. I had heard about these women, but I had never met them, Each one with eyes so deep in color they were like stolen gems. “Thanks,” I voiced nervously, “But how did you know?” “Oh Honey,” Athena chuckled, “He put on quite a show.”“We know all and see the intentions that they have,”  Atermis added without looking up from the page. “It’s part of the job as being a sage.” “Being suspicious of men is a life lived better safe than sorry,” Hecate stated, arms crossed, “But we’re here to make sure the ones who think they can try shady things pay the cost.” “But how do you know when a man is just trying to be nice?” I asked. “Or a good guy?” “Lions don’t have to tell you they are lions. If he claims to be a good guy, just say goodbye.Always check your drink, walk with keys in hand and sit with them between your knees;I’m tired of the sexist tips for women to stay safe from sleaze.” “That caused us to band together during freshman year,” Athena sighed, “We exist to be a better trio of wisdom, to be better guides.”Artemis smiled and looked over at me, “Never blame yourself for the lack of morals in others. They have no hearts, no empathy and lacked the brains to learn their lessons from mothers.”“And what happens when you graduate?” I asked. “Who will help after that?” The trio laughed in unison, as if this was casual chit chat. “We’ve been here since the beginning of this university,” Athena said. Adding to the talk, Artermis sighed, “And we’ll be here long after the building is dead.” “Eternally seniors,” Hecate explained, “To seam the gap between the old and the new.” “We’re here until we check off all the tasks on our queue.” “Haven’t even gotten the first one marked off,” Atermis muttered. “Maybe we would if the world wasn’t so cluttered.” “What’s the first task? How long have you been at it?” “Worked on it since we began,” Hecate stated as she pulled up a chair to sit. “There seems to be no easy way to accomplish such a task, no matter how hard we try.” “Unless,” Offered Artemis, “We hunted down every ‘I’m a good guy’.” “What is this first task?” I repeated, still unsure of their mission. They looked at me as if I was speaking Lycian. “Why, to rid the world of crimes such as rape and murder upon females.” “And what about when that happens to males?” “That is out of our control,” Hecate stated. “There is a different group to handle those.” “That job belongs to Hades, Apollo and Eros.” “Well, what if there is no way to end such sins?” “There must be,” Athena sighed. “After all, doesn’t good always win?”  

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