Basketball Through the Months: A Series of Haikus

The best player down

Expectations are a swarm

Am I strong enough?


In February

Basketball halts much too soon

and cuts off my stride


March brings a respite

Relaxation surrounds me

I plan for next fall


Enthused in the gym

I can be even better!

Time to work and shine


More workouts in May:

Solitude, disappointment,

broken promises


Basketball with school

commences fiercely in June

Somehow, tedious


July: so alone

again, and I am tired

Only one who cares


August is the same

I strive for pure excellence

but for what purpose?


I almost dread it

in September, but instead

tragedy strikes us


Confusion swarms me

October tests all our strength

Shocked, lost, and frozen


We lose constantly

In November, I want more

We are not a team.


I count down the months

Basketball brings little joy

Am I trapped in this?

This poem is about: 
My community


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