Basketball Love Letter

Dear basketball,
I miss you I miss you I miss you
So much
There used to be a hole in my chest And I would think I couldn't breathe
But it's not what you think
I don't miss playing you  I don't miss the fights we had
I don't miss the pressure I put on my body for you
I don't miss the way I hurt my confidence for you
I don't miss my varsity letters I don't miss being in a game and feeling sick to my stomach
I don't miss wanting to skip practices
I miss the way I used to feel
I miss the love I had for you I miss the fire I had in my heart
It was beaming through my chest
Everyone used to see it
I miss the practices I once loved I miss the bouncing of the ball
I miss getting in someone's face on defense
Ball ball ball
And getting the steal
I miss beating around for the rebound I miss the pace of the game
I miss the sound as I made the shot
I miss feeling so full of  you
And I miss feeling that adrenaline rush from you
And things change

We decided to go separate ways
And sometimes I wish they hadn't but it is for the best
Because I discovered new talents
New passions that I love more than you
And that was terrifying to admit at first
The fact I could love something more than what was containing me The fact a new fire had set in my heart
And yours was slowly going out
But basketball please understand I will always love you

You were my first love You taught me strength and Heart
You taught me that I am worthy You taught me to follow dreams
You taught me that I am an all around human being not just a ball player
Things got twisted and mixed  And that is what's so hard to grip
that we both turned this beautiful  time into my worst enemy
Into my self hatred time
Into my worst mistakes of my life time
And now that I've taken a step back
I can finally  look you in the eye and say thank you I love you
I'm better because of you
You showed me how much I can love something
You showed me how capable I am of love
You are my first love  And my many of loves
I will always look back on you and smile
You set the bar high for my new passions
And you helped determine who I am

Love forever

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