Moonlight and glazed stars

Are the basis of this relationship.

Moonlight guides our questions

While stars overpower us with curiosity.

I’m starting this off with tree sap.

Tree sap because I don’t have mystical

Metaphors and smooth words

To describe a topic like this.

I may not have every component

But I do have a basis.

The basis.


Don’t let walls be the ones to tell

Me all the things you’ve done

Behind my back.


Don’t let sheets be the ones to

Whisper your secrets in my ears.


Don’t break comitatus.


The universal kind

Where we get high off of hearing

Our helium coated baby voices again.

Where we laugh how we did when

We were babies again.

We are glitter.

Search every crevice

And you will find a piece of us there.

With every shower

We stick to the inside of your




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