Walking out of my house I see the sky, a squirrel, and a baseball game.

Hit, miss, miss, miss again, Hit

You scream in pain but no sounds escape.

I know this pain and you wear it like a coat.

Miss, hit, hit, miss, miss again

I reach out for you as you fall.


You crumble in my arms like a piece of paper

Tree, Bird, Fence, miss, hit, miss, hit, hit again

You feel cold to the touch

Ice has deadened your face

Miss, miss, miss a third time

I could warm you in my arms

You turn to ash and blow away.

Hit, hit, miss

I saw joy in your eyes before you left

Here, There, forward, back, 

Miss, hit, miss, miss again

Arms still black from where you were

It's not another dream

Hit, miss, miss, hit

The things we had disappear before we do

miss, hit, hit, hit, gone


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