The Barrier

Sitting across a stranger who will never comprehend anything I say

A moment of silence for the language barrier that cannot be broken

Different minds who have indifferent ideas of morals.

A group of people who have different outcomes in how they live

To the people who killed me without me actually dying

That morning you changed me forever.

My once magnificent dreams turned into taunting nightmares

And even though you didn't physically shoot me, you left me wounded

You changed my beautiful image of the world and turned it to dark despair

Now all simple things in life are complex

Eating is a challenge cause people like you make me sick

Sleeping is troubling cause I feel like I should always be awake

The simplest random sounds keep me alert and aware

And I feel myself slowly shutting down and I cannot be repaired

Every now and then I picture that exact moment as if it were a movie

For some reason in my dreams it always has a different ending

Because of what you've done, I’m alive but scared on the inside

I always wonder how the others handle the way we were spared

Deep down I feel they’re aware and feel grateful

All I can feel is despair


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