Ballpoint Period Piece

Fri, 07/12/2013 - 03:22 -- cvision


I wasn’t born in the gutters; God blessed me with a stutter.

So I searched and discovered, in the end hurt and disgusted

Armed with this pen, dangerous on this sheet,.

Bound to red ink, this is my ballpoint period piece..

Unconcerned with the fame, I transform these lines

Synchronize history and go back in time,

A watch you can't unwind.

I Write to be different, so read on, sit back & listen.

Envision the brilliance inside an infant,

Completely non adherent and yet so omniscient.

Unaware of his limits, they soon become malignant.

Before you even know it, he’s just a delinquent.

Visualize ignorance, not just the pigments.

My brain must be blind. How do you view mankind?

Eyes on your head, let’s see what’s on your mind.


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