A Ballad Of Space

I walked outside and looked up one night,

Do you know what I could see?

An army, of a billion stars

All staring back at me!



I aimed my telescope right up high

Do you know what I could see?

An alien in a spaceship,

Drinking my dad's coffee!


I ran inside,

I jumped! I screamed!

I dragged them all outside

showed them, and I beamed.


My sister was the least impressed,

Completely determined to find

The thing she thought, all along

To discover that I lied.


she looked all over the telescope,

and soon she jumped and screamed

"ahah! I knew it! It's a lie!"

You should have seen how her face then gleamed.



she walked right up

and  saw the possible lie

it was simply a bit of muck

A little crumb of pie!



I walked inside, crestfallen,

my sister bright with glee.

but then, I could have sworn I saw,

An alien wink at me!


This poem is about: 
My family


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