Ballad Of The Maiden 3

Fair Maiden with The Jester
As she walked down the steps
Her head dizzy with confusion from the scholar
His science left her shaken with despair
The maiden walked many miles to the town square
Where there she hear joy and celebration
Who could have caused this laughter?

Who else but the jester
Dressed in yellow and red
His merriment spread to all of her people
His smile made a person laugh and shout
His riddles so witty and quick
It took days to solve and made them feel smarter
For the jester was there for everyone
And made haste to bring a bright smile

This fellow bring joy to her heart
And cleared the fog from her mind
He would sweep he off her feet
With words of romance
Even Shakespeare would envy
But even then she loved a brother
Not a lover
Yet the jester could not understand

There was a love
That much is true
But the love she felt was nothing more sibling and friend
She made that clear, to the jester
He refused to listen, choking the sparrow
So once again she must travel
For she could not love his riddles


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