Ball is life

Ball is life

Ball is life

Ball is life.


Why do people say that ball is life when finding one can end it?

Tumors are also balls

Deadly balls

From head to toe

They form really slow

Forming out of nowhere

But once you notice 

It brings people closer.


Being close to death is bad

But you can change that by living it to the max

One can forget about it by smiling 

But always remember

To be stronger than ever.


Seen champions on the rise

Giving hope to the wise

One can't get through a challange alone

But sure can build an empire

And take over the throne.


Having kids different sizes 

Was sure a surprise

Being as tall as the sky

Them wishing you would never go there at this time

With just a goodbye.


It sure wasn't your fault

Leaving them at such a young age

You had way to many stories to ell

But now all we see is a blank page.


Heaven is foreals

It's probably safe

But it's probably not the best place to be

Since you belonges in the Navarro's place.


Saying goodbye is the worst

But it's probably the best

Go have fun on the court

And show your moves to the rest.


Thank you for your son

He's family to me

Don't worry about him

He'll be safe with me. 

This poem is about: 
My family
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