Ball is LIFE


The rush is so great

Better than any drug out there

Starting at a young age I became addicted quite easily 

I didn't know how much it could tear you down 

and also bring you back up 

The feeling of holding this ball is like a little kid holding a new pup 

Running Back and Forth Back, Back and Forth 

I lay on the floor Oh so sore

My body begging me please no more 

I can't stop won't stop until I am forced to drop 

I really want to make it to the top

The rush takes me so high 

I feel like MJ soaring to the sky 

I always see practice as a rehersal for my future life 

This lifestyle feels so right 

I can't thelp to think Ball is LIFE 



Basketball is my passion. I love how when I get onto the court my world is totally different. I forget what I am stressing about at that moment when I am playing basketball

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