Ball of Emotion

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 11:53 -- xgj

When god set this whole thing in motion

He made a ball of emotion

Then we were formed

Then the earth was swarmed


We are made of skin

That holds everything in

Except everything that we feel

That was how our fate was sealed


Now we use these poisons to keep us alive

Somehow they make us thrive

So which one did you pick?

That one always makes me sick


Remember when we use to be so pure?

Now there is no cure

We are forever dying

We are forever crying


If you want you can run

But trust me you won’t find the sun

It left all of us a long time ago

So you might as well take it slow


We all think we are doing the best

So we judge the rest

But when it ends who is going to care?

So treat everyone fair


Time is its own master

It just races on faster

I can see the finish line

It is such a beautiful design



Your poem holds a lot of truth. I like it. Keep writing on my friend:)!!!

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