From a box of light and sound grew a mesmerizing inspiration;


it reflected upon her own flaws, the dream which she indeed was in search of becoming.


Hopes of an individual changed in the blink of an eye.




A struggle- with self esteem and appearances- the cruel intentions of the world that enveloped




The words and facial expressions crushing.


Prejudices passed through the generations had come down upon one child's shoulders.




I- wanted a change;


What was to remind me of this shift I wanted to instill?




The Vow,


This event,


My event.


My moment of impact!


My nature and what I was to become, veering.




Surrounded by dingy walls I glanced up into a mirror.


It held my gaze; this shining surface that I had looked at for years with disgust.


My face... my body I knew was not “ideal”;




These two mirrors set to an infinite reflection;


and with that my hair began to fall.




Each piece that fell shattered;


each shard breaking into a million pieces and becoming nothing but dust;


the inconsolable pain of a struggling child stilled.




I emerged...


not grown nor yet my whole self


but stronger,


with courage to change.


I emerged with eyes wide


filled with awe and a shimmering light,


and in that split moment I loved myself:








I had never seen myself so vulnerable, so naked, but so ready to take on the world.



“I am the sum of my moments of impact.”


Had I not


I would never truly love myself


Nor my destiny.




There are no words that can describe this other than these that I offer...

That was so beautiful and powerful.

You are forever in my prayers. 

Stay strong my love. 


Thank you so much caitybug98. Your words offer me feelings of joy and gratitude. Keep on poeting on!

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