The Balancer.

Tue, 07/15/2014 - 15:37 -- OGKeema


United States
38° 32' 59.8668" N, 121° 23' 18.4812" W
United States
38° 32' 59.8668" N, 121° 23' 18.4812" W
United States
38° 32' 59.8668" N, 121° 23' 18.4812" W

I am a force to be reckoned with.

I seize emotions,

Dazzle with my inner chaos,

And topple egos.

It only takes a moment to harness my reckless energy and destroy.

I just want to show you what I'm capable of,

Since you were determined to underestimate the intensity of my power.

Don't mistake my tone of voice; 

My brutal annihilation,

I mean systematic eradication,

I mean oblivious obliteration,

Is on no account intentional;

But do not think for a second I will ever apologize.

I warned you from the beginning.

You so arrogantly, 

I mean conceitedly,

I mean egotistically chose to presume that you knew so much more than me.

As if you had ever been intimate with a hurricane.

Took the time to learn the secrets of an earthquake.

Tasted the natural violence of a volcano.

Disasters do not apologize for being disasters, they just simply are.

The only difference between them and I being that while they are not conscious of self, I am.

But like them, I still will not apologize for that which I, am.

You cannot tame that which is corybantic,

Effortless in it's essence.

You cannot hate me but to love me for ruining you,

Because the entire time I was ignorantly embedding myself by being the only thing I knew how,

You were in love with the feeling.

Your feelings that run so deep weren't for me,

They were for the drug that races through your veins that bears my name,

But you weren't strong enough to stand the pain,

So be an addict and brand me in your brain, 

Carve me into your soul,

Stare in wonder at the decadence that embodies my spirit.

Now do you understand? 

Now that I have brought you to your knees,

Disconnected you from your imaginary immortality.

Now that I have rendered you strengthless though you thought it security,

You are defenseless.

Your walls decimated by my intoxicating volatility,

You were never a match because Me,



The Balancer.

Your suffering serves as a catalyst for the havoc I wreak,

In an attempt to prevent by coming and going as I please,

Begging you not waste your time trying to capture me,

Preserve your energy.

You will need it.

"You better batten down the hatches.

There's a storm coming Mr. Wayne",

By the likes of which you've never seen.



I am pursuing higher education. Due to entirely unfortunate extenuating circumstances there is no space to explain, I was suspended from school with my scholarship revoked. I appealed for my scholarship while unknowingly suspended, and was denied. After discovering this, I appealed to have my suspension lifted and was successful, but now I'm in a terrible bind. I have a 45,000 tuition to pay for. I love my university more than anything, and it is truly the first place I have ever been happy, and the only home I have ever known. I raised myself and my younger brother. Our parents did not abandon us but they did not have the opportunity to be there for us and attempt to provide a better life at the same time. Attending Howard University means more than anything to me, and for my parents it is a sign from God of forgiveness and another chance at life for myself, their youngest daughter. I would put this scholarship towards my tuition because I will return, no matter what.

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