Badmind Sodomite


United States
27° 47' 22.8408" N, 82° 40' 50.6856" W

They want to badmind me because I’m a sodomite
Everyone else, they try to backbite
Creeping up, out of the light
I will not fight with guns or dynamite.

They want to kill me or run me out
They don’t know what life is all about
Thinking they know, they don’t know me
As I put pen to paper I’m still free.

People run their mouths to say I’m lame
Thinking they’re bad and my life is a game
I take no heed because they want some fame
I sit and watch all of their shame.

Sentence me to hell, but I don’t fret
They equate me to the devil I haven’t met
Leave me, hate me, and kill me for my sin
Stuff my humanity in a trash bin

Hope one day we all can marry
All the spoofs and the fairy
No longer will I stay in the fray
I have to focus on me and being gay.

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