Bad Weather

On a day like no other,

I lost my favorite brother.

On a dark winters night

The day we had that fight

My brother oh so loved me

he never thought bad of me

Until I pushed him away.


In the snow we did play

like it was an ordinary day

But he went away

to get some food

so I could live for today.


I watch the hours go by

waiting for my brother

to come home

he never did

My spersitious mother

starts to hover and scolds me

I regret the fight

I started that night.


I prayed for my brother

who was like no other

and cursed the cold for being

so bold

to think that he would win.


The revenge I thirst

was going to make me burst

though anger filled through

I know my brother wouldn't accept

this threat in my head.


Rest in peace brother

please rest as you lay

in bed.




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