Bad Omen

Sat, 07/27/2013 - 06:11 -- Evi

Depression… I’m nauseous.

Obsession… Over cautious.

Learned my lesson… I’ve got this.

Left with less and got the obvious.

A fracture… it’s painful.

Your stature reveals a vain full…

Of poison.

How shameful.

Put your toys away and beg for… forgiveness.

Forget this!

I will not remain a witness,

To your hit-list, of misfits.

I became one now?

What is this?


Your beauty, it’s intriguing.

And it left me still believing.

I’m sorry…  I’m leaving,

I’m not one to be deceiving.

It’s not me,

Shocking; how you moved on and soon forgot me.

This is not me, but it’s shocking how you moved on and soon forgot me.



I got rolled,

To the depths of my soul.

Nothing’s left

But a hole…. And regret.

Lost control.

What I said… what I know

In the bed or in the snow.

There’s no heat; freezing cold

I can’t see… I can’t hold.

Tragically, no one knows… that in this city nothing grows.

Had some sex! Shot some crows!

… Felt effects of alone.


In the sky, filled with gold.

In the quiet of my home…

I have no pets, have no clones.

I must stay here alone.

And watch the time… as it goes.

Make a rhyme…or write a poem.

Have some sex… shoot some crows.

Feel effects

Of alone.









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