Bad Habits

Because three times of confrontation is not enough 

Because your marriage is not enough 

Because your daughter isn't enough 



What do you get out of doing this 

Ten minutes of a high

The anger that comes with it


Because your teeth aren't enough 

Because your Happiness isn't enough 

Because your family isn't enough 


Your own daughter is falling apart 

She's scared for you 

And for herself 


Because she is scared she will follow her mothers footsteps 

Because she always wanted to follow her mothers steps and now she's terrified to 

Because she is watching her mother decay while still alive


She wants her old mother back 

The one who was happy and wanted to go have fun

And who cared about her health more than the drugs 


Because addiction is better than all your old memories 

Because addiction is the effect of the stress of the world which is caused by your own self

Because you have to lie to yourself to be okay with slowly killing yourself 


Your daughter watched your tooth fall out. 

She got scared when you said, 

“Bad teeth run in the family” 


Because she now knows what runs in the family 

Because her aunt had been addicted to drugs, now clean 

Because it isn't bad teeth, its bad habits 


This poem is about: 
My family


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