Bad Friend


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A Girl Name Jenna Had A Friend She Didn't Like,
Because With That Friend She Had To Put Up A Big Fight,
How They Met Was Crazy,
From The Beginning She Should Have Known That Friend Was Shady,
See, She Was Caught In The Moment So She Went And Had Sex,
But She Didn't Have Sense Enough To Have Her Partner Protect,
This Boy Was Her First, He Was Also Her Last,
Today She Still Wonders Why Things Had To Go So Fast,
Her Eyes Didn't Let Her Realize,
That,She Didn't Have To Have Sex To Fit In,
Because The Outcome May Not Be Cool In The END,
It May Be Fun When Your Doing It,
Mabye That's True,
But you Still Should Think About What You Do,
You Don't Have To Have Sex,
So Open Your Eyes And See.
And Please Don't Be Like Jenna and Have The Bad Friend Called

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I just want someone to read this poem and understand it, this poem will send the right message to someone who can touch another persona nd so on and so forth it will go. : )

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