Bad Boy. By Jackie G.

Hair so slick so right.
Jeans so tight, you look hella mighty fine.
White t shirt and black leather jacket.
I start to wonder if your available market...
You have them leather boots all polished up.
Are you going to let me feel you up?
You have that stare that so mesmerizing.
You're making me shiver to the thought of your smile.
I would run eight miles to feel your muscular arms around me.

I want to feel that hot air on me.

I want to feel your breath  whisper my name.

I want to feel the touch of your soft lips on my palm.

I want to feel our fingers intertwine.

I want to feel your hands all over me.

I want to feel your scent slap me in the face because it pleasures me.

You're the bad boy everybody wants.

...But I know I can't have I'll just keep reminiscing these little moments we've had
You're the bad boy that everybody wants, one day I'll have the guts and claim what I want.


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