Honest About My Emotions,
Maybe Too Honest For You. 
I Am One Blunt Person,
That’s No Longer New. 
A Killer For The Truth, 
No Matter How It May Be Expressed. 
A Stander,
A Fighter, 
No Matter How Much It May Seem To Delay Success. 
I See Nothing Better, 
Than Doing The Right. 
Whether Or Not You Are Being Watched, 
Whether Day Or Night. 
I See It All Right, 
Just To Be Blunt. 
Whether It Crushes One’s Feelings,
Whether It Causes A Grunt. 
Although What May Be Right,
For You Is, 
But Not For Me. 
I Try To Strike A Balance, 
Put Some Understanding, 
Let Things Be... 
As Simple As Simplicity,
As Rough As A Cob, 
As Heartbreaking As A Canon
As Peaceful As A Dove. 
I Give Things My All, 
Through The Willingness Bound Within.
I Bottle Up Things Also,
One By One Until Filled Like A Bin. 
I Burst Out In Anger, 
When All This Is Overdue. 
Try To Hide My Feelings,
Those Efforts Become Futile Too. 
Why Be So Honest With Everything,
And Not With Your Dear Emotions. 
Why Suck Up To All These People, 
When You Are The Source of Intoxication.
What’s The Bigger Of The Deal?
Be Blunt And Free Your Mind?
Or Be A Backscratcher and Suck up Every time?
I Know Your Answer, 
It Will Be The Latter, 
As You See Success Closer, 
Doing What You Are Forced To Do.
My Answer However, 
Must And Will Always Be The Former. 
I Am No Backscratcher, 
I Report To No Master. 
Success Is My Journey, 
Not Where I Want To Reach, 
For It’s The Land Of Success That I Traverse, 
In Order For I To Be...
This Blunt Person I Am. 
Not Afraid To Accept Or Deny Some Things. 
Not Afraid To Ask Questions, 
Not Afraid Of The Controversy I May Bring.
You May Be Surprised About Who I Am,
I Was Once Surprised Too. 
But Ever Since My Eyes Were Fully Opened, 
All Things Became Clear Upon View. 
My Friend!
Your Eyes are Probably Clogged, 
Your Mind All Messed Up.
Your Body Filled With Weaknesses
And Your Core Fessed up.
So For You It Will Be A Hell Of A Test,
Hard For You To Concentrate
Only On Doing Your Best.
Do Not Worry Though,
This Test May Be Hard. 
But As Soon As You Grasp All The Concepts, 
Stop Kissing Asses
You Will No Longer Fall;
In The Group Of A Backscratcher, 
That Zone That You Are.
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