Back By Force

Back By Force

living on the edge and it's going to my head

sitting up at night all alone in bed

Following the rainbow to the sky

I see a vision of you pass me by

Got breaks in my mind

to much heaven robbed me blind

came from the crafted elegance of his design

freaks in the street but there ringing the bell

one foot in heaven while the others in hell

now I got a great story to tell

you G in the hood looking for no good

caught up in harms way looking for a score

robs the nearest hommie down at the local store

yet looking for a better day a reason to retire

blown up in its fullest desire

got boogy in his socks way down to his toes

rolling a fat blunt smoking it down as the story goes

got music in my head yet I'm no Judge Dread

A hustler is a beggar looking for his latest score

shaking up with the latest whore while she screams more more

it's in the in tuned harmony to the hidden beasts menagerie

falling straight down & feeling the pain

not having that bitch in his arms is driving him insane

now I'm back by force in the Summer's game

Fat paycheck & I can't complain

just hit the tempo beat one last time

Got a rage in the cage on this one last line

man I'm feeling the heat but Satan robbed me blind

Still i'll look up as Tupac had shared

give props to my higher power cause I know he cared

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