The baby turtle

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 12:46 -- phil

Enveloped in the comforting securing warmth of a blinding opal,


I lay comfortably in the solid fragileness of my shell,


The only world I ever knew,


A world in serenity and calm full bliss.


Suddenly, blinding ropes of pearl blades ripple across my familiar covering,


And explode into a blast of brilliant blinding diamonds.


As I look at the golden dust capturing the ensnaring colors of the sky,


Imprinting their glittering shadows of red, green and blue,


And as I discover this new world I see others around me, discovering all the same,


An uncertain future for all of us, a new beginning.


Then I see a shining pearl of sapphires, slipping over the sand, taking us in,


And as the water hits me, I also discover a new universe of hidden mysteries, and glistening whispers floating to the surface


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