Baby, I'm flawless

No wrinkles, no scars.

Curves from top to bottom

And I can show you where they are.


Baby, I'm flawless

No stress, no fear.

When I walk in a room

Everybody knows I'm here.


Baby, I'm flawless

Not conceited, nor cocky.

I take pride in myself

If you ain't know ask about me.


Baby, I'm flawless

Not a bad grade to see.

I work hard everyday

To get no less than an "A" or "B".


Baby, I'm flawless

I may laugh, I may cry.

But you won't know the real me

'Til you see what's inside.


Baby, I'm flawless

Not a doubt in my mind.

One day I'm gonna be something

I just know don't ask me why.


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