Baby Doll

Sat, 04/22/2023 - 00:53 -- ARNAIHU

I apologize

I truly do

I apologize for loving you


You’re perfect

Baby china doll

Button eyes and rosy cheeks

You make me happy to breathe


I love you baby

Sickly sweet 

Like caramel toffee stuck to my teeth 

And I’m sorry that you won’t love me


Pretty face and long limbs

Your siren song pulls me in

Fingers wrapped around my throat 


I struggle 

I struggle


But you don’t let go

You won’t let go

Please let go


You sob with teary eyes

I’m a fool for thinking you would hurt me

My darling

I’m sorry for hurting you


My world is barren without you

Your eyes hold galaxies 

I see them when you speak of her


You’re breathless and gorgeous

But not mine to love

And I suppose I must apologize

I don’t mean to make things hard


Your smile is bright and shiny

I know you’re here because you need

You need 

But it does not matter because I need

I need you

You ask

I’ll give you all

Take and take

I won’t refuse

My pretty baby

I know in the end I’ll still lose


Your replies are so saccharine

Depthless and barren

You coat them with honey

I love sweets


I run and run

My string bound to your finger

Please let me go

I’m sorry


Why can’t you love me

Why don’t you love me

Why won't you love me

You whisper that you do

So easily I forget

You’re nothing more than a liar


You will never love me as I do you


I wait for you in this darkness

Blindly searching for a route to your heart

Though I know you won’t turn on the light

Not until you need


You ask why I’m this way

Why I can no longer trust

Why I can no longer love

Why I can no longer speak 

Why I am me


My beautiful baby doll

I’m desperately sorry

Please love me

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