That first week I sat behind you,

Staring at your butt-crack.

You squished the scriblings on your desk,

Fated valedictorian, answering every question;

You weren't even wearing underwear! Such a nerd.

Papers came back, sloshing reviews (regergitated information),

Mine (all A's mind you!), and your pitiful scrawlings ringed in red.

Some valedictorian. I cried for the next three weeks,

My new afterschool activity, phlegmatic the next morning.

Life sucked, until that fateful day everyone disappeared;

Some stupid skip day, assignments given anyhow (yep).

Leftovers paired up and slowly began to sizzle.

I just sat there, a better view in the seat beside you.

Then your face crinkled into a grin. Haunted houses and Madea,

Artwork and awkward sex education videos;

Laughter and many shushes were elicited.

No one else remembers, but you made life worth while.

Maybe I came on strong, like a bad pot of coffee.

Maybe your buddies winked and ribbed too much.

All I know is...I miss that crinkle in your eyes.

I miss those fleeting seconds where I thought,

I want to touch your curly hair.

And bushy eyebrows are kindof cute, little mustaches for your eyes.

And maybe I could persuade you to wear underwear.




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