Awkward girl



A story about,
A girl who was bullied most of her Young Life. Sexuality harshments always made her feel strife.
Just kept her head down and walked away,
Shedding tears and pain that she locked away,
Where no one could see then in the brightness of day. But that pain she carried inside affecting every decision she made .
Causing feelings of worthlessness and doubt to prevail.she try to wax over it, with a merry smile telling jokes like they're going out of style.
There is no way you would ever know pain and sorrow she carried inside. no matter how much you hurt she was always kind. Put others needs before her own before and her own eyes , she wasn't worth the time.
This when on day after day, year after year.
Till she kearnto energy heal, realized her life she had to repaired.
Now well past middle age.
She decided she may have something to say.
could she change someone's life,
healing a heart. Sooth a soul in despair. Could she ever be good enough of a writer. To arrange words on a page that could heal, or inspire.
She never suspected her writing would set the world on fire...

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Our world
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