Awesomely Me

If your eyes caught sight of me on the street

My looks might not grant a second glance

But you will easily find yourself

Marveling at my quiet confidence

My allure is deeper than my phenotype,

It’s from deep within my bones,

Unable to be measured or stolen,

For it is my very own


Your hands will discover imperfections

As they graze across my skin

Crosshatching scrapes and nicks and stretch marks

Form a map of all I have lived

I do not hide these battle scars,

But bear them valiantly

Each flaw is a point on the map of my skin

That contributes to my mystery


Your ears may not find my speech to flow

As eloquently as some

I was not blessed with the gift

Of elegance of tongue

But have you heard my mouth speak languages

Of places far from here

Or heard me comfort those who I love

In a tone ever so sincere


Your eyes may not gaze at my beauty

Or your hands feel my perfection

You may say I do not speak modishly enough

For my words to warrant further reflection


But you will find that your mouth will smile

When you hear me laugh

Your belly will shake with merriment

When I tell you stories of my past

Your heart will feel warm

When you see my bright smiling face

Your sadness will be banished

By the firmness of my embrace


You will find yourself

Easily drawn in

To the person I am

Not outside, but within

I am beautifully different, unique,

One of a kind

Golden all the way

Down to my insides

I am special and fabulous,

I am awesomely me,

And there is no other person

That I would rather be

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