Awesome is Within Me

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 03:50 -- valg

I am like sunshine, fruit-bearing.

What I know you shall know.

For every multiplying cell which belongs to me awesome belongs to you.

Observing life as abandoned it can be a phenomenon shines through,

Awesome is within me.


We are species of one, we have our days.

Nature and life hold hands as our future is untold,

Sunny today, tomorrow manifold.

Superior contemporary, I invite you to praise,

Awesome is within me.


Servants for one another if thy shall fall,

Like linked lovers a bond no river can quench.

Let this be an era we unite, rejoice, a prize for us all,

At your worst or your best lend a hand, if one shall call,

Awesome is within me.


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Our world
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Not only wrote for pleasure, but in hope for a better future of helping and knowing your are awesome!

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